The Different Types Of Carpets That You Can Acquire For Your Home

If you are shopping around for a new carpet for your home, it is good that you know the different types of carpets available in the market today. Do not forget that a carpet is a kind of investment you make and since carpets do not come that cheap, ensure that you are getting value for your money. Buy something that will make you happy every day you step on it.

The following are the different types of carpets:

Cut Pile

The textured cut pile is one of the best-selling types of carpet. The looped carpet fibers are cut at the top producing straight yarn bundles, which are then tufted to create a dense and luxurious look. Cut pile carpets are resistant to crushing, and they form a soft cushioning to the feet.

Level Loop Pile/Loop Pile

If you want a carpet for areas with high traffic, the level loop pile is the most suitable. This type of carpet is made up of same height loops woven into carpet backing. The loops are even and steady, thus able to withstand a lot of wear and tear. It is also resistant to dirt particles and tracking marks.

Cut And Loop Pile

It is a double combination of the loop pile and cut pile carpets. It is made by combining cut and looped fibers of different heights thus creating a mixture of textures and patterns. This type of carpet may not be as durable as the level loop pile, but it has a soft feel. It is ideal for low traffic areas.


Saxony is made of tufts of bulky cut yarn that has been twisted and softened with heat. It gives an elegant finish to any room. However, it does not hide vacuum cleaning marks or footprints. Nevertheless, it looks luxurious, and it can blend well with other decorative items in the room.

Textures And Textured Saxony

It is a slight variation of the Saxony type of carpet only that it is more textured and twisted. It is attractive and durable and is therefore perfect for homes and businesses. Most textured carpets have subtle highlights and colored accents making them camouflage dirt and tracks. 


The word velvet or plush portrays luxury and sophistication. The same case applies to carpets. The yarn tufts for plush carpets are cut with the same length and are twisted lightly. It is suitable for standard settings. It has a uniform color, and its texture gives a soft cushioning to the feet. 


This name is adopted from a Northwestern tribe called Berber. Berber carpets are mostly made of wool or nylon-olefin fibers. They are famous due to their durability, versatility and because they can hide marks and tracks. Berber can come in either cut pile or loop pile.


Frieze carpets are made of twisted fibers woven like a cut pile. The twisted strands curl in various directions making it useful in hiding footprints and dirt. Thus, they are ideal for high traffic areas.

It is true that finding the perfect carpet for your needs is tiresome. Nevertheless, with the information above about types of carpets, you can narrow down your search and find the one that suits your needs.

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