Main Carpet Cleaning Tips

Cleaning Carpet Stains, avoiding Carpet dents and removing Carpet odor

Carpets are a great addition to any house. They bring a feeling of comfort and warmth to the house environment. It is essential that you take care of your carpet and in return, it will give you longer service.

When it comes to carpet maintenance, most people struggle with the following three things:

  1. Carpet Odor
  2. Carpet Stains
  3. Carpet Dents


If you have been having issues with any of the above, worry no more. This article will take you through step by step on ways to deal with these carpet issues.

  • Removing Carpet Stains

The moment you spot a stain on your carpet, you should take action immediately and clean it up. Stains tend to seep deep and if not removed immediately, they may become permanent and hence may spoil your expensive carpet. Dab the spill with a dry cloth on the stain. Do not rub it because rubbing may make the stain spread to a larger surface area and ultimately ruin the carpet.

If dabbing does not eliminate the stain, add plain water and then use a sponge. Lastly, you can add some soap into the water and try to work the sponge in a circular manner. This way you will clean up the stain without spreading it to other areas of the carpet.



  • Removing Carpet Odors

It is common to find some carpets emitting some offending odors. The smell may be because of food or drink spills, as well as dirt dragged inside by shoes or dirty feet. The best way to eliminate such an odor is by cleaning the smelly spot using a mild detergent and letting it dry in the sun.

While this may work well with rugs and moveable carpets, there has to be an alternative for permanently installed carpets that will not be taken outside to dry. The carpet will be cleaned in the same mode by rubbing a mild detergent into the carpet but the drying method is the one that will differ. Instead of using the sun, point a room fan directly to the wet area until it dries up.

If your attempts fail, consider using some powder spray, liquid carpet freshener or a deodorizer. This may not eliminate the odor permanently but at least it will lessen the stench and make the room comfortable.

  • Removing Carpet Dents

Carpet dents are those shapes that a carpet takes once you move furniture that has been still for a while. Dent removal may take some time and it requires some dedication. The most effective method for dent removal is the use of a stiff brush.



Brush the affected area in a circular manner to pull the carpet fibers back to the original standing position. If the dents are stubborn, use steam from the steam iron together with the brush to make the process more efficient. Do not put the iron directly on the carpet as you may end up burning the fibers instead of straightening them.



You can also use ice to remove minor dents.



If you use the tips above, you will have your carpet looking as good as new.


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